20 April 2017

23 April 2017



Don’t Agonize, Organize !

Solo show by Roman Moriceau
20 > 23 April

I.N.G. Art Center
Place Royale, 6
Brussels – Belgium

During Poppositions 2017, Archiraar Gallery will show a selection of works by Roman Moriceau. Driven by a true need to experience works that communicate, the artist brings us to a dream Eden garden, a fantasized paradise. In the present age where we think that elsewhere must be better, he invites us to an aesthetic journey which makes us reflect on the butterfly effects of our actions. Roman Moriceau’s imagery is nourished by luxuriant vegetation, animals and plants. However, their color is lacking and the light is blinding. The luxuriance and the shimmer seem to have lost their brilliance. Tinted with decaying colors, the images testify to exhaustion, an implacable and disturbing anemia. The billowing of birds heard from the distance is a song of already gone singers. Their sound echoes on our walls, far away from the forests of their origin. The artist draws a conclusion: that of the consequences of our actions and our choices on our environment. By combining acidic and sensitive properties, he generates works full of acute ecological and political consciousness. If the applied aesthetic is plastic, we must approach closer to detect the oddity. The artist develops atypical technical processes by appropriating a set of materials directly from our dailies: pollutants (oil of emptying), food products or natural elements (copper). His singular choices generate a space where criticism and displacement are possible.