25 April 2019

28 April 2019


Capital of Woke

Solo show by Camille Leherpeur
25 > 28 April 2019

Centre Tour-à-plomb
Rue de l’Abattoir, 24
1000 Brussels

Poppositions 2019 – Artworks

Politics of Culture: the struggle between a headless David and a sleepwalking Goliath.
On top of the perfect city there is an art fair where Venus ask Vulcan to forge weapons. Beneath the fair, enshrined in the walls of the perfect city, there is a party where Laoccoon is struggling against the snakes of sloth and decadence. Most of the burgers want to enter the city for they have heard it is the best place on this earth. Common people also want to access the city but its walls are so high they have to pile up hundreds of bodies to go over the fortifications. Away, on the other side of the sea, a great battle rages on and it is not known wether this chaos will stop or if it will spread throughout the sea.
This is the background for the play that is about to unfold.
On the stage, David lost his head and he is holding it like a tray. He is ensnared in the deliquescence of his iconic realm. In front of him stands a sleepwalking dwarf. This tiny Goliath wanders aimlessly in a dangerous state of unconsciousness. His head is full of colourful dreams, and he is chasing for them with both his arms raised. Neither David nor Goliath even realise that eventually, in a section of time that cannot be represented, the sleepwalking Goliath will collide with the headless David.