Mara Fortunatovic (1987, Paris) lives and works in Paris.
The search for order and control is omnipresent in Mara Fortunatović body of work, and beyond that, what may seem like illusions are instead forms conceived from the artist’s love and embrace of materials. Planes of stainless steel, wood, or plexiglass, at times painted white seeming to disappear into the exhibition space. These surfaces should be seen as site of encounters of complex forces, revealing a certain tension between absence and presence. It is this very tension that lies at the heart Mara Fortunatović’s work, and moves beyond the surface. It is a tension between materiality and immateriality, gesture and non-gesture, visible and invisible, a tension that creates a shadow of a doubt, and demands a certain attention from the viewer. From puns to trompe l’oeil, the artist flirts with humor in her titles and techniques. Mara Fortunatović’s force lies in her ability to generate periods of latency that challenge the viewer’s perception, activate material forces, and create surface tensions.

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